Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amy Butler holiday templates

Who doesn't love Amy Butler? Everything she does is beautiful and she has some very cool AND free holiday patterns on her site right now.

Our poor tree has been seriously underdressed the past few years. The random piece of fabric "artfully arranged" around the bottom doesn't hold a candle to this button up skirt. I love the Lotus fabric used in the photo too - so perfect.

Tammy is already planning all of the different ways she can use this flower featured on the Snow Mum Pillow. Maybe some of them will make the cut for a future issue of Simply Handmade!

[Tammy's note: In addition to the pillow itself, which is awesome, I'm picturing just the top 2-3 layers on a clip/purse/pin/belt. Or the whole big flower glued/sewn to PINK patterned paper/fabric and mounted inside a deep frame in my kids' room. Although I'm really digging that white-on-white.]

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