Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hi and welcome!

Hey y'all. This is our fancy new blog for Simply Handmade, a hot(!) brand-new(!) magazine (more of a book, really) to hit the newsstands this month. It's going to be awesome. We're showcasing the best of the craft and paper-crafting worlds in one beautifully-photographed package.

In the premier issue, look for (among other things):
  • an antiqued frame with decoupaged paper flowers
  • a holiday countdown display
  • bunches of ornaments
  • a hand-sewn wallet to keep your budget in line
  • over 50 top-notch projects in all
It's such a fun book to work on, I love it! I think you will, too.

Bookmark us and check back here often for behind-the-scenes stuff about making a magazine, sneak peeks of upcoming issues, bonus projects/tutorials, and general things that we think are cool. See you soon.

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