Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trendspotting: PB Kids

It looks like Pottery Barn Kids has taken a turn for the crafty with their holiday lines. Check this Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar out:

Very cute! I've never seen a Thanksgiving countdown calendar before, but hey, why not? It's a great holiday to be excited about. You might say that any celebration involving pie is countdown-worthy.

Also some felt leaves:

Those wouldn't be too hard to make yourself, I don't think. Heck, find a leaf and trace it for a template.

For Christmas, this rather spectacular and huge tree advent calendar:

(Unfortunately I couldn't find a bigger image on their website, it must be sold out. I did see it in their store, and it's pretty neat, cute details on the pockets.)

And felt baked goods:

But here are my two favorites:


Ack! I don't know if it's the 5-year-old girl in me coming out or what, but I really want a "mouse house" around, for no other reason than it's adorable. My grandma made a little rabbit house when I was a girl, with a front that unzipped so you could see inside to where the little rabbit family lived. The mom rabbit had a little lacy apron and everything. I've been wanting to make something similar for my daughter lately, so if I don't get Mouse House, maybe I'll make my own little house. That would make a fun article, no?

Has anybody out there made something similar lately? Upload an image to our new Flickr group, Simply Handmade Dollhouses.

Oh, and I almost forgot, just about everything from the Brooke Bedroom:

Especially this cute little owl pillow (and the one to the left of it that you can't see too well):

And ESPECIALLY these butterflies:

That is all.

Oh, and the woodland decal...

and the fairy village.

OK now I'm done.


Amber said...

i made a pottery barn inspired Christmas countdown! the pics are on my blog: i just came across your blog-i love it!!

Amy said...

Amber, your Christmas Countdown is so cute! I love how you incorporated the sky blue. That is my favorite Christmas combo at the moment–red, lime and sky blue.

Thanks for sharing and we'd love it if you'd add it to our Flickr group!