Friday, January 2, 2009

Save Handmade Toys petition

Some of you may have seen emails about this going around lately. It's a petition to modify the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act passed in August 2008, meant to prevent unsafe toys from being imported into the US. Apparently it's worded such that toys handmade by individuals in the US/Canada/Europe will be illegal, unless they undergo independent 3rd party testing. So the petition is to add an exclusion for those small manufacturers of handmade children's toys. You can sign the petition here if you're interested. And you can read more about it at the Handmade Toy Alliance site, they explain it better than I have. :)

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Mary said...

I would have signed it if they didn't come up with a fee after the fact and call it a donation. I was surprised that there was no option to put in the amount of $0 because it was called a donation and not everyone signing is able to donate. I am not going to pay them to give them my signature and email address. Really!