Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hearts Afire

It might be a little late to decorate the halls with this beauty from Skip to my Lou this year, but since it would take me at least 10 months to make this anyway, I think it's perfect timing to add to the list for next year. Wow, look at me being all prepared.

There's still plenty of time for making valentines for vday 2009 though. If you're really cool and the thought of staying up extremely late for the next 2 or 3 nights doesn't make you want to cry, you could make these fortune cookie valentines courtesy of Martha or these cute offerings from Molly at the purl bee.

If you're pretty cool, but who are we kidding, you need your sleep, maybe these quick cards found in the Prima Hybrid gallery would be worth a shot.

And if you're insanely cool but need a quick "print and sign" valentine for all of your "acquaintances" (i.e. people you don't love enough to give a fortune cookie or a painstakingly hand-stitched heart to), then check back tomorrow for another free valentine option.


Julie Masse said...

How funny, I just found that same heart garland yesterday when I was searching for a crocheted heart pattern!! I love them - so pretty!! I made a version with thing thread for my card today. Wonderful ideas here!! :)

Tammy said...

Awesome! Link us to a picture of your card, we'd love to see it.

Julie Masse said...

Here's the link: Crocheted heart card