Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I had another post in mind when I sat down to write, but then I found this:

(From Holly Becker's flickr photostream -- also, check out Holly on Haus Maus -- such a lovely blog -- and Decor8.)

And this:

(A scan from German Country Homes Magazine, found on Boxwoodcottage's flickr photostream.)

And this:

(From ohdeedoh. They have great inspiration for beautifully decorated -- but real, not catalog-y -- children's rooms.)

Just a few pretty places to browse through and feel inspired. I wondered if I should even post decorating-related pictures since our magazine is about crafting, but I feel like there is so much overlap in the worlds of crafting and decorating -- when you're interested in one, you're usually interested in the other, too. It's all about creating, you know? When you decorate, you're creating an environment, and when you craft, you're creating beautiful things to put IN your environment, or to give to other people to put in theirs. It's all domesticity.

At any rate, it's nearly spring and I couldn't resist these lovely, happy colors!

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~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

Such fresh and crisp rooms!