Thursday, May 7, 2009

Housewarming Party

We have a new and improved Simply Handmade blog! It’s really pretty much the same, just a little cleaner and prettier, with some added functionality and a new address that is consistent with all of our other Northridge Media Blogs. We hope you won't mind updating your bookmarks and feed readers. To celebrate our new digs, we are giving away three six-issue online subscriptions to Simply Handmade. Head on over right now to enter to win >>>>>


Imene said...

Love your magazine. I carry it everywhere, it's so inspiring

Giuli said...

every month I'm so curious to see the new ideas!!

Natalie McHenry said...

I've never heard about it until Ana C. posted it on Facebook! Looks like a lot of fun, especially now that my daughter is old enough to do such things & loves this kind of stuff!

Brooke said...

Love it! I am adding it to my list of blogs that I frequent to inspire my creativity. :)

Anonymous said...

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Paty Patch said...

Loved your blog!! Very inspired!
Have a Happy New Year!!

ParisXIV said...

Such a fantastic blog!

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