Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ornament Week: Thursday

Is your snowman feeling a little lonely? This little tree was created to coordinate with our felt snowmen from Wednesday. It would be so fun to carry the green houndstooth through a bunch of handmade ornaments to pull together a gorgeous Christmas tree. So, 3 down and 17 to go. Wow, how many days left til Christmas? I better get on it!

To make this tree you'll need the following items:

• Fabric
• Ric rac
• Sequins
• Thread
• Poly-fill
• Floss

1. Cut out a front and back tree shape. I did a tall, skinny triangle, but you could do a more complex tree shape too.

2. Trim the tree. Stitch on some ric rac with contrasting floss. Add sequins by knotting some thread and pulling the needle through the sequin so that the knot is on the front and you can tie it off in the back.

3. Add a trunk. Cut out a little tree trunk rectangle out of a scrap of folded over fabric. Stitch the bottom and side closed, turn right side out and stuff before closing it up. You can be messy closing up the top because it will be hidden inside your tree.

4. Add a loop. I used the same ric rac/ribbon that I used for my snowman so that they look even more related. Same technique too - just glue the ends to the back of the front piece to hold it in place and then you can sew around it when you stitch up the final product.

5. Stitch and stuff. Stitch around the tree with floss, leaving an opening at the bottom for the trunk. Fill with poly-fill, add your trunk and then finish stitching around the tree, stiching the trunk into place.

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