Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Budget clutches

Everyone at Studio 5 was really nice, I loved doing this feature. For all their talk about New Year's resolutions during the segments leading into this one, though, they had to have a giant plate of delicious-looking cookies in the waiting room as I was leaving. I resisted... but only because my hands were full.

Here are some individual shots of the wallets.

This was made with Cosmo Cricket fabric -- I wish I had credited them on air, but it being my first time on TV I forgot a few things. Like that the idea was Heather Brown's (thanks, Heather!). Other supplies are by Maya Road (flower), 7 Gypsies (leaves), Stampin' Up! (letter stamps), VersaCraft (fabric ink).

You know how sometimes you buy a thing just because it's super cute but you don't really know what you'll use it for? I had some vague notions of using this farm animal Japanese fabric on a patchwork quilt one day, but this project ended up being just right for it. I'm happy I used it instead of holding on to it forever.

Not sure on the manufacturer, but I got it from Reprodepot.com -- same for the brown fabric. Letter stamps are Hero Arts.

I thought of this phrase the night I was prepping the wallets, but I am not the first person to think of it, as I found out when I googled it, wondering if I was being too geeky. I found it in this article, along with the term "frugalista."

This fabric is Heather Bailey -- the big letter stamps are Stampin' Up!, little ones are Hero Arts.


Cookingmama said...

I love Heather Brown's budget clutch with the owls! I want one!

Erin said...

I made this the day after it was featured on Studio5 and made it a bit smaller to use for coupons instead of cash...love the final product! Thanks for sharing!