Monday, January 5, 2009

Thrift is the New Black

Go Tammy!

I am loving the little ditty she came up with, "thrift is the new black." I think it's powerful enough to become my new mantra.

Many thanks to Heather Brown for her "Spend it Like You Have it" wallet that Tammy recreated on the show. You can download a free pdf from the Dec/Jan issue of Simply Handmade showing Heather's wallet and the instructions here.


kristina said...

LOVE that clutch! Such a cute idea! You did a fabulous job, Tammy! Love that "Thrift is the new black." So true! ;) Thanks for sharing!! I've gotta make one (or ten) of these! :)

Heather Brown said...

Hey thanks so much for using my wallet for your idea in the video!!
What a great way to highlight easy sewing techniques and ways to make using cash cool!!
Thanks again for the plug.