Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Fair and a Convention

Here's some random inspiration/a fun way to while away an hour. The New York International Gift Fair is going on this Sunday through Thursday. If you go to their online catalog gallery, you can browse through some very chic and lovely catalogs. Boutique-y stuff. I'm a sucker for that.


This got me looking up more stuff by Shinzi Katoh and I found this super cute water bottle.

These have got to be some of my most favorite bags to imagine how awesome it would be to win one. Cuz DANG they're expensive. Inspiring picture though, no? I love it.

You should check out this catalog for no other reason than to see the representations of the, shall we say, upper 1% of our population. Beautiful; movie stars. But I don't care if your monthly clothing budget does exceed my mortgage, nobody goes for a picnic in a fancy white blouse and brings along pomegranates. Nobody.

Oh and you know what else is next Sunday through Wednesday? THE CRAFT AND HOBBY ASSOCIATION CONVENTION! This is my first time going and I'm super excited. Guess who will be there: Paris Hilton, Jane Seymour, Vanna White... I was thinking we could get together and discuss what it's like to be outrageously thin and beautiful, talk about the trappings of fame, etc., etc.

But possible brushes with celebrities aside, I'm going to see what I can snag for a blog giveaway, our first ever. Stay tuned for that next week (probably Friday).

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Sherry Wright said...

Have a fun trip, just found the blog.. will be linking you up! ;)